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Pretty Skinny Show

Show host Jennifer Zemp

Giving You the Skinny on the tips & tricks to a Younger you!
Coolsculpting Las Vegas Clinic shares their Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine Stories
Jenn Pretty Skinny Show

Coolsculpting Las Vegas Clinic shares their Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine Stories

Coolsculpting Las Vegas Clinic shares their Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine stories. Hello Everyone, I’m Jenn with the Pretty Skinny Show and I am here with Kate and Lee from Secret Body Las Vegas Medical Spa.  Our hearts go out to everyone suffering right now for the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.   We are so ready to get back to work and see our valued clients again. We miss all of you and hope you are all staying safe. We have put in place new safety precautions so you can feel safe when you return to visiting Secret Body Las Vegas Medical Spa. We will all be wearing masks and we will have masks available for all of our clients. We have actually decided to do some creative sewing while we have been at home and made some masks for all of you when you return to Secret Body Las Vegas Medical Spa. We have also performed a deep sanitation of our facility and all of our machines and invested in an air scrubber which kills 99% of the viruses in the air.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back real soon.Well let’s get down to business! Are you ready to get bikini ready for Summer? I know I am! The couch, wine, and pizza has not been good for my physique! Guilty as charged the last couple weeks I’ve made three new friends their names are couch, pizza, and wine and they are not good influences so I have decided to take charge and get my body back. If you are ready to get your body back on track we have created a new Coolsculpting Las Vegas package that you can purchase now to use when we reopen at a special price with some extra goodies. We also have some fun tips and tricks to staying fit and pretty while you are at home that we will share later in the segment. Ok here comes the good part! Here is the Coolsculpting Las Vegas package you’ve been waiting for… The package includes 10 Areas of Fat Freezing with Coolsculpting’s 35 minute handpiece 12 Velashape Cellulite Treatments on your thighs 12 Accent Skin Tightening on your abdomen that shows great results and feels like a hot stone massage powered by radio frequency 6 Clear Lift on the Face Neck and chest a new revolutionary technology that is called a 10 minute face lift and the patient friendly laser. Goodbye old IPL horror stories this skin rejuvenation laser has zero downtime and is virtually painless. 6 LED Light Therapy Lumifacial Treatments And 6 ILipo Laser Lipo visits WOW Sign me Up! If you want to take advantage of this Coolsculpting Las Vegas special call us now at 702-564-1982. Ok Lets go over some the free tips and tricks to a younger you! Join Kate and I for our live work outs daily on instagram it is quite entertaining, if anything it might make you laugh and be good entertainment. I am not very coordinated and/or a gym girl and Kate kills herself doing a downward dog. We are also incorporating the following into our daily routine. Drink 8 glasses of water a day Get 10 thousand steps in a day Get 8 hours of sleep Limit yourself to one glass of wine a day Cut out bread, pastries, and pasta We have also missed the spa, hair, nails, and eyelash salon. This experience has humbled us in many ways. We put store bought beauty products to the test. We have tried some store bought products that were a disaster and some that were surprisingly affordable. We want to share with you the ones that we felt were affordable and worked. All Items we recommend are under $10.00 -Kiss Nails come in a variety of colors and for $8.00 your nails can look like you just went to the nail salon and the nails roughly take about 10 minutes to apply. -Kiss Individual Eyelashes very easy to use and look surprisingly decent -Ardell Individual Eyelash Glue -Touch up roots with Loreal’s Magic Root Rescue it takes 10 minutes -Jergens Natural Glow for a healthy tan look -Loreal's touch up spray Well I hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks and remember to take advantage of the great Coolsculpting Las Vegas package Secret Body is offering by calling 702-564-1982. We look forward to getting back to normal real soon. Well that’s all for now. Remember to watch Kate and I on instagram for our daily workouts and we encourage you to join along. Until Next time Stay Safe and Pretty Skinny! #coolsculptinglasvegas #coolsculptingsummerlin #coolsculptinghenderson #inthistogether #coronavirus #covid19 #coolsculpting #masks #medicalmasks #stayathomeorders #sewing #secretbodylasvegas #anthemsecretbody #airscrubber #happy #staysafe #vegasstronger #beautytips #lookingforwardtoworking #readytowork #fitness #stayhealthy #gooddiet #vegasstronger #hendersonnv #lasvegas
Jennifer Zemp Pretty Skinny Show

Medellín, Colombia June 2022

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